Hi There !

I’m Airlie

Creative. Passionate. Unique. Authentic.

Let’s make beauty together

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, I bring over a decade of experience and expertise as a Photographer & Writer.

I have photographed for Cookbooks, Weddings, Corporate, Boudoir, Lifestyle, and Food & Beverage . I am the author of 30 Cookbooks.

I’ve always held a deep love for art in all its forms, and photography has always had a special place in my heart. As a child, I could spend endless hours taking numerous photos, often losing myself in the moment, eagerly awaiting the chance to develop the film and see the result.

In 2011, I launched my blog, CookingLili. Little did I know, this simple act would unlock countless opportunities. It paved the way for cookbook writing, marking the beginning of my journey as a photographer, an unforgettable experience on Masterchef Season 3, and working with major food brands. I have developed my skills over the years by working on various styles of photography.

As a result, may creative appetite has spread over to other mediums such as Filmmaking, Music & Design.

With a camera in hand, I feel truly alive. It’s as if the lens becomes an extension of my very being, enabling me to capture not just images, but moments teeming with life. Through my lens, I strive to immortalise fleeting beauty, evoke intense emotions, and cherish the smallest of details.

Photography & Filmmaking is more than just a career to me. It’s a way of life, a means of expressing my deepest passions and connections in the world around me, and I have done this for over 10 years to date.

Brands I worked with

My Books

Food Writer/ Cookbook Author:

  • Spéculoos (ed. hachette), 2012
  • Nutella, collectif  (ed.Hachette), 2012
  • I Love New York (ed. Hachette), 2013
  • Gâteaux de Maman (ed. Hachette), 2013
  • Flans et Cannelés (ed. Hachette), 2014
  • Magic mug cake (ed. La Martinière), 2014
  • Petits plats italiens (ed. Hachette), 2014
  • Espagne (ed. Hachette), 2015
  • Petits farcis (éd. Hachette), 2015
  • Gâteaux magiques (ed. Hachette), 2015
  • Gâteaux au Yaourt (ed. Hachette), 2016

Food Writer & Food Photographer:

  • 30 idées d’apéro sains et faits maison (ed. I2C), 2018
  • 30 idées de petits déjeuners sains et faits maison (ed. I2C), 2018
  • 30 idées de goûters sains et faits maison (ed. I2C), 2018
  • Coffrets Soupe (éd. I2C), 2019
  • Coffrets Jus frais (éd. I2C), 2019
  • Coffrets Mini mug cakes (éd. Hachette), 2019
  • Magimix, « Les recettes de de fête » (éd. Ouragan), 2019
  • Coffret Cocktail d’enfer (éd. I2C), 2019
  • Coffret Huiles aromatisées (éd. I2C), 2019
  • Cuisine Express (éd. Hachette), 2020
  • Coffret Mini mug cakes (éd. Hachette), 2020
  • Coffret “Pet Food Bar” (Ed. I2C), 2020
  • Coffret “Mes Rhums arrangés” (éd. I2C), 2020
  • Magimix, « Boulangerie et pâtisserie » (éd. Ouragan), 2020
  • Coffret Fondue au Chocolat, Nestlé (éd. Hachette), 2020
  • Coffret “Ce soir on soupe” (éd. I2C), 2020
  • Coffret Mug cakes à deux (éd. Hachette), 2021
  • Magimix, « Grandes Tablées + Batch Cooking » (éd. Ouragan), 2021
  • Coffret “Mes chics Marmites” (éd.I2C), 2021
  • Coffret « Tex Mex Party » (éd. I2C), 2022
  • Coffret « Tous les chemins mènent à Rhum » (éd. I2c), 2022
  • Coffret « Ramen & Noodle » (éd. I2c), 2022
  • Coffret “Mon atelier Sushi” (éd. I2C), 2022
  • Magimix “Blender” ‘(éd. Ouragan), 2022
  • Magimix “Cocotte” (éd. Ouragan), 2022
  • Coffret “Sweetie Cat” (éd.I2C), 2022

Food Photographer & Food Stylist:

  • Quiches, Tartes & Co (éd. Larousse), 2017
  • « Ma pâtisserie Healthy », d’Hervé Cuisine (éd. Albin Michel), 2021
  • « Chocolat », Hervé Cuisine (éd. Albin Michel), 2022
  • « Challenge Pâtisserie », Laurène Lefevre (éd.Albin Michel), 2022

Food Photographer:

  • « La cuisine de Naruto », stylist Medhya Kereira, (éd. Mango), 2022